Lesson 37 – Still counting: Poisson distribution

The conference table was arranged neatly with a notebook and pen at each chair. Mumble’s Macbook Air is hooked up to the projector at the other end.

He peeps over the misty window. A hazy and rainy outside did not elevate his senses. He will meet Lani from the risk team of California builders. Able invited him to New York to discuss a potential deal on earthquake insurance products.

Mumble goes over the talking points in his mind. He is to discuss the technical details with Able and Lani in the morning. Later, he will present his analysis of product lines and market studies to the executive officers.

Still facing the window, Mumble takes a deep breath, feels confident about his opening jokes, and turns around to greet Able and Lani who just entered the conference room.

Lani initiates the conversation and talks about teamwork and success. Mumble was not impressed. He has heard this teamwork mantra many a time now. Lani came across as an all talk no action guy.

Lani nods and picks up the pen to take some notes.

Able’s eyes rolled over towards Lani. He expected him to interject. Afterall, Lani’s bio says that he is a mathematician.

Lani did not interrupt. He was busy writing down points on his notepad.

Able was again expecting Lani to latch onto the equations.

“This is very good. Spending time on these details is essential. I am looking forward to our successful collaboration Mumble. I love Math too.”

Able and Mumble glanced at each other and politely concealed their emotions.

“Definitely. California Builders are at the forefront in Earthquake risk for housing projects. We can collect data for tremors in California. We work on several models for the benefit of our clients. Our team consists of many mathematicians and engineers. Mumble, I agree with Mr. Able. You did a fantastic job. We can work together on this project to produce risk models.”

Mumble has now confirmed that Lani is all talk no substance. He is just looking to delegate work and take credit.

Able has little patience for these platitudes. He is beginning to realize that Lani is a paper mathematician who may have taken one extra Math course in college and just calls himself a “mathematician” since it sounds “Einsteinian.” The deal with California Builders just became “no deal.”

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